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This site contains railroad related photography, railfanning information for particular areas, and other train and railroad related content. The content focuses mainly on railroading in parts of California, particularly where the author has spent decent amounts of time. All contents unless otherwise noted are property of Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez, and may not be used without permission. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.

- As of 2014-07-02 this site is back up and running. I apologies for the extended down time. It has been migrated to a new server, which seems to be working well. I've been working on updating a number of the Railfanning pages on train info to reflect current operations. Several have been updated and there are still several more to go. I am also continuing to add more photos, both ones taken recently, and ones from the backlog that has accumulated over the last few years.
- This site was migrated to a new server on 2011-11-29. All content should now be up and running. Sorry for any inconvenience the down time may have caused.
- This site has been revamped for ease of navigation. All content is still the same and more will be added as time allows.
- This site is officially up and running as of 2009-02-09. More Photos have been added, and more will continue to be as time allows.

This site was last updated on: 2016-01-31

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